Shri Sadguru Satam Maharaj

  1. Miracle proving that the god is everywhere

    Shrikrishna Dinge from Deobag was a devotee of Shri Satam Maharaj. He often used to go to Danoli for Maharaj’s darshan. He also used to visit many other holy places. Shri Maharaj used to lovingly call him as Shivam.

    One day, Shri Maharaj told Shivam that, he was unnecessarily wandering all over in search of God. Shri Maharaj further told him that, since God has occupied all the space, God will appear in front of him if, he really called him devotedly. To this Shivram raised a query that how was it possible for God to appear in front of an ordinary man like him. He was therefore, trying to purify himself by visiting holy places and taking bath in the holy waters of the rivers Ganges.

    No sooner had Shivram said this than, Shri Maharaj put forth his feet saying, here is Ganga. And, actually water started flowing from His feet. Shri Maharaj then told Shivram “Look Ganga is here”. The people were thrilled to see Ganga flowing from His feet and all the people rushed to collect the water of Ganges.

    Dinged then bowed down on the feet of Shri Satam Maharaj with tears in his eyes.

  2. Miracle proving any ailment can be cured out of faith

    Shri Dajiba Bongar was suffering from Leprosy. He experimented with many medicines after consulting many doctors, who were firm in their opinion that, the leprosy was incurable. Dajiba, too, losing all the hopes of getting cured of leprosy, thought of ending his life,out of depression.

    Finally, following the advice of his friends, he went to meet Shri Satam Maharaj. He totally surrendered, expecting upon him. Shri Maharaj suggested to him to apply peculiar oil to his fingers. Dajiba, keeping faith in Shri Maharaj, carried out the instructions of applying that peculiar oil to his fingers. To the delight of Dajiba, there was improvement on his fingers and ultimately was fully cured of Leprosy.

    Dajiba was grateful to Shri Maharaj and became an ardent devotee of Shri Maharaj.

  3. Miracle proving Shri Satam Maharaj’s concern for his devotee and response to the faith in him

    Pandurang Dadkar was working with Bapusaheb Sarkar, who was pleased with Dadkar’s performance in his office work.

    Bapusaheb used to take Dadkar with him, during Bapusaheb’s visit to Shri Satam Maharaj. Dadkar thus was lucky to get the opportunity of taking darshan of Shri Maharaj, along with Bapusaheb. In due course, dadkar too became a devotee of Shri Maharaj and often used to sit gazing at the photo of Shri Maharaj in his house.

    Once, there was an epidemic of Malaria in Sawantwadi, seriously affecting Dadkar, among others. There was not any progress in his condition despite taking many medicines for one month, during which he could not go out therby, missing the darshan of Shri Maharaj. He had become impatient for his darshan.

    One day, out of sheer compassion, Shri Maharaj appeared in his dream and talked to him in malwani language “ I have come here to check about your health, I know you were remembering me all the time. But now you do not worry. I have kept ashes under your pillow, along with the tablet, which you swallow. You will be out of trouble.”

    Dadkar found himself sweating profusely after waking up. He picked up the ashes and tablet from under the pillow. He immediately swallowed the tablet as advised by Shri Maharaj. At first, his wife was worried about the quality of the tablet, doubting it as a poison. But, she became quite after Dadkar narrating the dream. Dadkar, eventually was cured of malaria.

  4. Miracle proving the power of Shri Satam Maharaj in eradication of evil spirit

    Mr. Sabnis was working with Bapusaheb, who introduced Mr. Sabnis to Shri Satam Maharaj. Therefore, in due course, Mrs. Sabnis also became the devotee of Shri Satam Maharaj.

    Mr. Sabnis was very sound financially with lot of property, etc. But, still Mr. and Mrs. Sabnis were unhappy because of lack of parenthood. Somehow, for reasons unknown to them, the child born in the family was destined to die and thus were surviving issues.

    Ultimately, they decided to seek Shri Maharaja’s help for solving the problem of non surviving issue. Mr. Sabnis therefore pleaded with Shri Maharaja to grace his house by his personal visit.

    One day, acceding to the request of Mr. Sabnis, Shri Maharaj visited his house. Mr. Sabnis then narrated their problem of non-surviving issues to Shri Maharaj became very angry. In that anger, he gazed at the top of the great pimple tree situated in the compound, outside the house. Immediately upon his gazing, the whole tree was engulfed in flames, killing the demon seated on the tree. This demon was not allowing any issue to survive. After the killing of the demon, in due course, the Sabnis couple was blessed with an issue.

  5. Miracle proving that expression of status against Shri Satam Maharaj does not work

    Shri Satam Maharaj had the habit of sometimes roaming in naked condition in villages around Danoli. Therefore, villagers unaware of his spiritual power, used to rease him as a mad man but without any response from him.

    One day, during such roaming, he happened to visit one of the houses, where one boy was sitting on the footsteps of that house. The boy was a nephew of one police inspector and his wife, who were issueless. The boy, seeing the naked figure, started shouting. His aunt, who was in the kitchen of the house, at that time boiling milk on the stove, immediately came out on hearing the shouting for the nephew. She recognized the naked man as Shri Satam Maharaj and bowed down on his feet. Shri Maharaj then ordered the aunt to bring hot milk, which she had kept for boiling, for him to drink. The aunt immediately brought the hot milk filled in glass and gave it to Shri Maharaj but was all the time wondering, how Shri Maharaj knew about the milk kept for boiling on the stove. Shri Maharaj gulped the hot milk in one stroke.

    At that moment, the inspector had returned home. He was irritated at seeing the naked man as rustic, the inspector ordered him to leave the place immediately, to which Shri Maharaj did not respond. The inspector was very upset at no response from the naked man and in the anger caused by the upset, raised his hand holding a wooden plank, in order to beat the naked man, not recognizing his true identity. But, before the inspector could hit, Shri Maharaj, immediately drew a circle around himself. The inspector at that very moment became motionless like a statue with one hand remaining steady in raised position. When, the aunt saw her husband like a statue in motionless condition, she realized the mistake committed by her husband. She immediately apologized to Shri Maharaj on behalf of her husband’s egoistic behavior. Shri Maharaj then again drew a circle around himself but this time in the opposite direction. The inspector then returned to his normal position.

    The aunt explained the entire situation to her husband. Realising the true identity of Shri Satam Maharaj, the inspector too, apologized for his misunderstanding and prayed for mercy. Shri Satam Maharaj was pleased with their repentance and blessed them with parenthood, which they became in due course of time.

    The inspector too, became a devotee of Shri Maharaj.

  6. Miracle proving that Shri Satam Maharaj is very compassionate behind his apparently erratic behavior

    Shri Sahadeo Kochrekar was suffering from perennial headache. He had spent lot of money on medicines as suggested by the various doctors but no avail and finally losing all hopes of recovery. One of his friends, suggested the name of Shri Satam Maharaj as a final remedy to cure his headache. The friend also told out of fun, to carry a bottle of brandy with him when he goes to see Shri Maharaj.

    Kochrekar, thus out of desperation went to see Shri Maharaj, carrying the bottle of brandy in his pocket as suggested by his friend. No sooner had he met Shri Maharaj and bowed down to pay respects, than, Shri Maharaj asked him to hand over the bottle of brandy which Kochrekar was carrying in his pocket, Kochrekar was astonished by this demand. Because without Kochrekar’s disclosing about the brandy bottle, Shri Maharaj had already known about it.

    When Kochrekar handed over the bottle, Shri Maharaj straightaway struck the bottle on Kochrekar’s head, causing an injury to his head. Kochrekar was taken a back by this hitting but soon realized that his headache had disappeared. Even the injury was cured simultaneously.