Shri Sadguru Satam Maharaj

Let us try to understand the true meaning of the word “Miracle” before narrating the actual miracles.

We all should be aware of the fact that. The miracles are not miracles in the sense of any magic or just happenings without any cause.

The underlining truth behind the miracles is that all these miracles are the expressions of love for the humanity, leading the people towards the path of parmartha.

Studying the miracles, it may be observed that, the intention behind each miracle was, either, supporting the good qualities or pointing out to the bad qualities or shortfalls. But immediately, both the categories were leading the people towards the path of parmartha, by creating awareness about the existence of God.

When, we become holy out of Bhakati or devotional service, basing our life in truth, we can also experience miracles. But then our whole attention will be only on truth, love and we will not be attracted by the miracles.

  1. Miracle highlighting his support to the devotion of any God of your choice

    Daji Matondkar, a doctor by profession, was an ardent devotee of the Lord Shiva. He never believed in Saints or Gurus. However, one day he on the advice of his friends, casually went to meet Shri Satam Maharaj.

    When he bowed down on Maharaj’s feet, he heard the words “Om Namah Shivay” from Shri Maharaj. Hearing these words, he was taken aback and started wondering about Shri Maharaj’s knowing his devotion to the Lord Shiva without telling him.

    Shri Maharaj told him that, he had received the blessings of the Lord Shiva and threw a piece of burning wooden plank, ordering him to sit on it. Without any hesitation, Daji, sat on it. But to everybody’s surprise, the fire was extinguished immediately, the moment Daji sat on it. In fact, Daji felt like sitting on gangajal.

    Shri Maharaj, then picked up a piece of charcoal and threw at Daji, who held it in piece of cloth. Shri Maharaj told Daji that, he had actually received Prasad from the Lord Shiva and that, he should not open the cloth, until he reached his home.

    Daji, following the instruction, opened the cloth in front of an idol of God after reaching home and taking bath. He then was overhelmeaed with joy to notice that, it was Shiva Linga in place of charcoal.

    Shri Maharaj thus strengthened and supported Daji’s trust in the devotion of the Lord Shiva.

  2. Miracle for silencing the critic

    One group of young people from Ratnagiri never believed in saints, or their miracles. They had heard about the miracles of Shri Satam Maharaj but, they all believed that this was all nothing but some sort of gimmicks for cheating the public. So they all had come to Danoli, with the intention of exposing Shri Satam Maharaj. They all had come, on the same day when Daji Matondkar had also come.

    But seeing Daji Matondkar’s incidence, they all felt sad and guilty from within for harbouring wrong opinion about Shri Satam Maharaj.

    They were further convinced about the genuineness and spiritual powers of Shri Satam Maharaj, when Shri Satam Maharaj, in their presence, burnt one old unhabited house just by his glancing.

    This young group then meet Shri Satam Maharaj afterwards and apologized for their misunderstood beliefs. Shri Satam Maharaj, ignoring their ulterior motive, blessed them. Afterwards, they all became devotees of Shri Satam Maharaj.

  3. Miracle showing his awareness of suffering anywhere

    Once, all of a sudden, Shri Satam Maharaj held the hand of a Muslim lady on the road and started beating her, while uttering repeatedly “I will not leave you”. The people around there at that time of the beating incidence were startled with the thought that Shri Satam Maharaj was a mad man. They all thought, it was an opportunity to teach him a lesson for his madness.

    They, therefore, advised the son of that lady to lodge a police complaint against Shri Satam Maharaj. At first, the son was little afraid to file a complaint. But later, he succumbed to the demand from the people and lodged a complaint.

    The police then arrested Shri Satam Maharaj. The supporters of Shri Satam Maharaj got worried and didn’t know what to do. But, Appa Sabnis, a much respected school teacher, and also a devotee of Shri Satam Maharaj, came forward and arranged to release Shri Maharaj on bail.

    The husband of that lady who was staying far away from his wife, was affliciated with T.B., almost on the way to death. Simultaneously, at around the same time of the above beating incidence, one fakir came in his dream, repeatedly uttering “I will not leave you and your wife is being beaten.”

    Feeling frightened at the dream, he was awakened and asked for drinking water. After drinking water, he noticed surprisingly that he had been cured of his ailment.

    He narrated this incidence of his curing to his wife after her return to him. She immediately related this dream with her actual incidence of beating, which she then narrated to her husband.

    They both got convinced that, actually Shri Satam Maharaj had cured her husband of T.B. They immediately went and bowed on the feet of Shri Satam Maharaj apologizing for their misunderstanding. Shri Satam Maharaj, instead of getting annoyed for putting him in jail blessed the couple, who became the devotees of Shri Satam Maharaj.

    This miracle was to tell that Shri Satam Maharaj was aware of suffering of the people taking place anywhere.

  4. Miracle to prove that Shri Satam Maharaj never lets down his true devotees of faith

    One old woman, an ardent devotee of Shri Satam Maharaj, never used to eat food without offering first to the photo of Shri Maharaj.

    One day, she strongly felt the urge to feed mutton chapatti to Shri Maharaj personally. So, she went to Shri Maharaj, with mutton chapatti, just sufficient for two people, to feed him.

    When she reached the place, Shri Maharaj was seen sitting with about fifteen people around him. Shri Maharaj then informed all the people that, they will eat mutton chapatti bought by the old woman.

    A boy by name Balu, who was an attendant to Shri Maharaj, was bewildered and worried when; he compared the quantity of food brought by the old woman, who was sufficient for just two people, to the actual number of people to be served, which were about fifteen.

    He was at a loss, but took courage to bring this fact to the notice of Shri Maharaj. Taking no notice of Balu’s worry, Shri Maharaj told Balu to serve Himself first and then to the others. With this directive, Balu got more worried with no other choice than to serve.

    Accordingly, the old woman served Shri Maharaj with her own hands first. Shri Maharaj then told Balu to serve the other people.

    Without hesitation, Balu then started serving others. To the great surprise, Balu noticed that, the food was not getting over, even after serving everybody. All the people present there got enough food to eat, but still there was some quantity left over.

    This miracle proved that Shri Satam Maharaj never lets down his pure devotee.

  5. Miracle proving that Ego will not work with Shri Satam Maharaj

    Kala Maharshi Baburao was renowned successful painter from Kolhapur. One day, he happened to visit Shri Maharaj along with Bapu Saheb Sarkar of Sawantwadi. Baburao felt like taking photographs of Shri Maharaj and mentioned his wish to Bapu Saheb.

    Bapu Saheb was a bit hesitant to ask Shri Maharaj as he was not sure of the mood of Shri Maharaj. At last, seeing the better mood of Shri Maharaj, Bapu Saheb ventured to ask Shri Maharaj for the approval for taking his photos by Baburao.

    Shri Maharaj conceded to this request, but remarked that the photos of only outside figure will not be of any use, unless there is humble purity from within. The reason for such a remark from Shri Maharaj was because, he was aware of the fact that Baburao was egoistic about his skill as a renowned photographer and his only intention in taking photos of Shri Maharaj was to make money in selling the photos.

    So Baburao, pleased with apparently outward approval, took about eighteen photos in different postures or poses and went away with egoistic smile. But to Baburao’s utter disappointment, Baburao noticed the blank negatives after their development. The reason for these blank negatives was because of the fact that the taking of photos was against the wish of Shri Maharaj who knew the egoistic intention of Baburao. In case, Baburao, had been humbly frank in telling Shri Maharaj about his intention, then probably Baburao would have been successful in his mission.

    The miracle thus proved that Ego and deception does not work with Shri Satam Maharaj.

  6. Miracle proving that Shri Satam Maharaj serves the humanity irrespective of the caste or religion

    One Muslim woman was severely suffering from the ailment in her stomach. The pain due to ailment was unbearable. So, she often thought of ending her life out of desperation, as this ailment was not getting cured despite the best medical treatment.

    One day, her brother, who had come from outstation, saw the pitiable condition of his sister. He suggested the ultimate remedy of seeking the divine help. He therefore, advised his brother-in-law to take her to the Muslim shrine at Ajmer, which was the biggest wish fulfilling shrine in Asia. Accordingly, they all went to Ajmer with the last hope. They stayed there for three days, offering prayers and donations. One night, they received a message in their dream to proceed to Danoli and present the case to Shri satam Maharaj. Following this message, they immediately proceeded to Danoli. But just before their arrival to Danoli, Shri Maharaj had told his other devotees, who were present there, that people from ajmer were coming there. He also told them to keep a bottle ready, filled with petrol. No sooner had the couple reached and paid respects to Shri Satam maharaj, than Shri Maharaj, opening the mouth of the women, emptied the bottle filled with petrol, in her mouth, leaving the husband and the other people there, aghast at this event. The woman became unconscious for a few moments but soon she recovered and after recovery she notice that her ailment had disappeared totally.

    The couple then bowed on Shri Maharaj feet with gratitude and became the devotees of shri Satam Maharaj.