Shri Sadguru Satam Maharaj

The complexion of Shri Satam Maharaj was reddish. His height was about five feet, with possessing well built body. He, almost looked like Vaman Avatar (Fifth incarnation of Lord Vishnu) with sweet voice. However, his stature used to appear sometimes tall or sometimes short. In weight, sometimes he used to feel very heavy or sometimes so light that, even the aged people could carry him on his shoulders with actual feeling of flowers and not the body on their backs or shoulders.

Though, Danoli was his settled place, He was never attached to a particular place. He used to wander into forests and often visit nearby other villages, to satisfy his devotees in those areas. In Danoli, he used to take bath in Nagzari and often found sleeping in the cowshed. He was also found sleeping sometimes four to five days without food. He was found to possess irrational behavior, including child like depending upon his mood.

At times, he appeared behaving like a mad man. But, invariably behind this apparent mad behavior, was hidden motive of obliging the people with redressing their grievances. He often used to hit the people with whatever thing he got in his hand and even used to abuse the people, but behind these insane acts, was His, compassion and love for the people because, it was observed that, all the people who were the victims of His hitting or abusing, were ultimately cured of their ailments or sufferings.

He was seen sometimes laughing or sometimes crying, but behind this laughing or crying was happiness or sadness of good or bad events, taking place somewhere. Because, He had the intuitive power of knowing everything, taking place or occurring anywhere, anytime around the world, any deplorable action occurring anywhere never missed His attention.

Though lacking in formal education, He knew many languages. He not only used to speak fluently but also used to sing in many languages. While singing, He even used to dance sometimes, deeply immersed in Himself.

He also appeared naked at times. He even has rolled in the dust of the earth, indicating that He never gave importance to His body and dress. He absolutely made no distinction between dust and gold.

He possessed such a power that, even He had the full control over the five elements of the universe. Once He caused the rainfall, just by looking at the sky, even though it was clear sky. And, at one other place, to avoid the disturbance in a religious function, He even stopped the possible rain falling, by dispersing the rain filled clouds, with His mere look.

He never differentiated between rich and poor, a king or a beggar, a male or a female. He used to treat everybody alike. He had no attachment for a fixed diet. You are aware that, the Leopard never makes any attempt for His livelihood. He simply accepts whatever comes in his reach without running for it. Shri Satam Maharaj was exactly like Leopard, neither pursuing nor rejecting anything from the nature. He was absolutely free of any attachment.

Even though, Shri Satam Maharaj helped the people, He never uttered I am doing all the beautiful things to you. On the contrary, He always mentioned Ishwar will take care of you and you will be benefited in proportion to your devotion. and, this is absolutely true, beyond any doubt.

The earth in Danoli has become holy by the touch of the feet of Shri Satam Maharaj. The water from Nagzari has become holy because of Shri Satam Maharaj, who caused the non-stopping water flow at Nagzari. So both the earth in Danoli and the water at Nagzari have power to bless the people of faith in Him.

Even though, Shri Satam Maharaj has left His body, He has promised that, He will ever be present in the hearts of all those devotees, who have surrendered to HIM and remembering Him by reciting his name in the form of the following mantras.

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